Behavioral Health and Wellness

Employers should offer mental health-supporting corporate wellness programs. Employers who give mental health benefits have an edge over those who do not supply these in-demand services.

Before establishing mental health initiatives, effective corporate wellness programs analyze the culture of the firm. This manner, they can acknowledge any cultural forces that may influence or impact employees’ mental health.

Individuals can receive one-on-one talk therapy from Eden Health via video visits to explore a variety of mental health issues. We also include mental health screening in our primary care approach to ensure that we provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to care.

The term “behavioral health and wellness” refers to an individual’s mental, physical, social, and emotional well-being that is based on their strengths. Families with behavioral health and wellness concerns have higher contact with the child welfare system, as the accompanying instability can jeopardize everyone’s safety and well-being. These wellness issues, particularly substance use problems, and mental illness have a significant impact on child welfare systems. To best serve families, the child welfare system must collaborate across systems and adhere to federal legislation.

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Eden Health Team, (April 12, 2021, The Importance of Corporate Wellness Programs)

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