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Benefits of Team Building in the Workplace

Team work makes the dream work 😉
In creating a conducive work environment, forming a strong bond within the company and ourselves leads to more benefits than one. Find ways to increase company engagement and help your workplace progress along the way🤗

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5 tips on making your workplace gender-inclusive

Let us all raise our flags and create another avenue for gender inclusivity! 🏳️‍🌈

Wanna know how to help? Check out these 5 tips in transforming your workplace into a gender-inclusive environment and be a part of this change today.

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Wellness Strategies to Improve Employee Productivity

Mental health and physical health 🤝 employee wellbeing 🥰 By implementing employee engagement programs, not only can your employee can be their best self, your company can be its best self too 👀 Click to read more on how wellness strategies can 📈📈company productivity

wfh | Charles Janoah

How Poor Work From Home Setups Can Reduce Company Productivity

WIth the transition to work from home and remote set ups, the importance of understanding ergonomics for your work set up has been crucial in maintaining productivity and employee engagement in corporate environments. Ergonomics is the study of how we, as individuals, interact with our environment; essentially trying to optimize our space so we may …

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Service of a Concierge

A concierge service can assist your company in establishing a ‘people first’ approach to employee happiness. Employees might benefit from concierge services since they give a comprehensive care platform. They assist in the creation of a great working environment by concentrating on the variables that keep employees happy and healthy. Eden Health may provide the …

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Employees Wellness Programs in the 21st Century

Employees today have a set of expectations when it comes to job hunting. People have become more health-conscious than ever before after adjusting to a “new normal” during COVID-19. You must include corporate wellness programs as part of your employment package if you want to keep your present staff and recruit top talent. Workers in …

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Navigating the Insurance Industry

Insurance navigation and assistance assists employees in better understanding their dental, vision, and healthcare coverage by answering queries such as: Plan deductibles and copays Explicitly explaining and validating difficult bills based on given services Their health plan’s covered providers, services, and facilities Finding and utilizing auxiliary benefits Annual participation and expense allocations for FSA and …

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Behavioral Health and Wellness

Employers should offer mental health-supporting corporate wellness programs. Employers who give mental health benefits have an edge over those who do not supply these in-demand services. Before establishing mental health initiatives, effective corporate wellness programs analyze the culture of the firm. This manner, they can acknowledge any cultural forces that may influence or impact employees’ …

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Corporate Health and Wellness Programs That Work

360-degree integration All aspects of care are brought together in one place with integrated corporate wellness programs. Dedicated care teams for each employee are provided via effective integrated 360 programs. Primary care doctors, specialty clinicians, insurance navigators, and mental health professionals might all be part of these teams. The plan provider may also send regular …

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Employees and Wellness Initiatives

The majority of global firms utilize health promotion tactics, with over 70% of employers offering corporate wellness programs, according to the Strategic HR Review. These programs have been shown to help both companies and employees in studies. Working with corporate wellness partners can provide you and your workers with the following five major benefits: 1. …

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