asthma | Charles Janoah

Ask-thma: What You Need To Know About Asthma

Whether diagnosed with Asthma or not, it is always important to be aware of these different types of diseases for the benefit of yourself and others.

Don’t know much about it? HoliFit has got your back once again! 🤗

Learn what it’s all about, some breathing exercises anyone can do, and what sports can help keep your lungs extra healthy😁

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Sports blog 1: tennis

In a world of sports, Tennis is one you can’t miss! Learn the basics, techniques, common injuries, and more 🎾 Read more about it and discover your passion for Tennis and other ways you can improve your skills.

resveralife pregnant exercises 1 1014x487 1 | Charles Janoah

Pregnancy Fitness 101

Hot mom summer? Yes please🤰🏻 Working out while pregnant can be daunting but to all the soon to be moms out there, there are TONS OF BENEFITS 👇🏻

No Diet Day 2021 | Charles Janoah

Fad Diets Are Out. Happy No Diet Day!

Keto? Paleo? Vegan? Don’t do it if you can’t stick to it forever! HAPPY NO DIET DAY 😋 but not having a diet doesn’t mean making poor choices! Check out these three tips that can change up your eating habits 👇🏻

fitness | Charles Janoah

Functional Fitness For Life

It’s time to move it 💃🏻 move it 🕺🏻 Functional fitness are movements to help ease your everyday movements! Read up on the type of training and try out 💪🏻our workout💪🏻

yoga | Charles Janoah

6 benefits of yoga for your life

It is time to align your energies and find your inner peace so you can ✨live, laugh love✨ Self-care is the best care 💅🏻 Here are six reasons why you need to add yoga into your daily routine

female | Charles Janoah

Top 4 Myths about Females in Fitness

The Hidilyn Diaz era is upon us 🏋️‍♀️ Debunk these popular myths about what women can and cannot do in fitness💪🏆 Visuals of a strong and beautiful woman moves away from the cardio-god-skinny girl, to be anything she wants to be 💁‍♀️

5 | Charles Janoah

Top 4 Filipino Myths about Exercise

Your mom probably once said, “magsuot ka ng bimpo kasi kung basa ang likod mo at nakalantad ang sarili mo sa malamig na hangin, magkakasakit ka” 🤧 did you know there’s no medical explanation to back this up? 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ Click for the truth behind other Filipino myths

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