Experience Corporate Team Building and Fun with the Larong Pinoy Mini-Olympics!

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Are you looking to add fun and unique ideas to your corporate team building activities?

The Larong Pinoy Mini-Olympics is a unique and fun way to bring your team together. Your team members can participate in Filipino-inspired activities and games through this corporate team building activity.

Adding Pinoy sports to your company sports fest can provide many benefits to both employees and employers, providing an opportunity to engage in physical activity in a fun, inclusive, and team-oriented environment.

Playing Pinoy sports can also help build camaraderie among coworkers, allowing them to get to know one another better outside the workplace. Additionally, employees may find playing Pinoy sports a great way to reduce stress and improve their overall health and well-being.

For employers, adding Pinoy sports to a company sports fest can help improve morale, increase productivity, and reduce absenteeism. Encouraging physical activity among employees can help them feel more energized and engaged during work hours, resulting in a more productive and successful workforce.

In addition, engaging in physical activity can also help reduce stress levels, improving employee performance and boosting morale. Finally, providing an outlet for employees to socialize outside of work can help foster a strong team dynamic and help employees feel more connected to their colleagues.

Corporate Team Building

Get to know each other, build strong relationships, and have fun while you’re at it. This event is perfect for companies looking for an exciting way to bond and have a great time!

Here are Great Options to Add to Your Corporate Team Building Event

1. Patintero

Patintero is a game that Filipinos love! It’s a game that requires two teams with at least 5 players on each side. If you decide to have more than five, two teams must have equal players.

The offensive team’s objective is to get their team to cross the rectangle back and forth without getting tagged by the enemy. One tagger is usually assigned per crosswise line to defend a certain area and block the offense team from crossing. The teams take turns in playing the offensive and defensive sides.

This game is great for companies because it encourages teamwork and communication.

2. Tumbang Preso

Tumbang Preso is a native game of Filipinos. It is derived from two words, “Tumba” which means To Fall, and “Preso” which means Prison. The game Tumbang Preso actually means the Fallen Prisoner.

How to play the game:

Before the game begins, all players must choose someone to guard the can. The “it” or the one to guard the tin can is decided after throwing their “pamato“, usually their slippers, to the toe-line. The one who threw farthest from the toe-line will then become the “it”.

Now, players take turns in trying to knock the tin can down with their pamato. Players who were not able to knock it down will have to stand by where their pamato landed. Once someone has knocked down the can, players are free to retrieve their pamato and run away from the it, making sure that they are not tagged. The first one to get tagged will become the new it to guard the tin can.

This is a great game to play for a corporate team building activity, requiring strategic thinking and quick reflexes.

3. Sipa

Sipa, historically, used to be considered the National Sport of the Philippines. Sipa is made of a lightweight object that is covered with cloth or threads attached to it, usually plastic straw. However, in the modern sipa, players commonly opt to use a shuttlecock from badminton instead.

Sipa is a game that requires players to use their feet by throwing the sipa upwards using only one leg. The player must prevent the sipa from touching the ground by controlling and hitting it multiple times. The player with the most number of hits on the sipa wins the game.

It is a fast-paced and exciting game that is perfect for a company sports fest.

4. Luksong Baka

Luksong Baka is a traditional Filipino game that originated in the province of Bulacan. All players must decide on who the “baka” will be before the start of the game. Once it has been decided, players take turns in jumping over the baka who is bent over, until everyone has jumped. Only the hands of the jumper may touch the back of the person who is bent over. If any other part of the body touches the baka, that player becomes the new baka.

This game is perfect for small corporate team building. It is a fun game that encourages agility and coordination.

Plan your corporate team building activity today!

These are just a few of the best Larong Pinoy Sports to include in corporate team building activity. They are easy to learn and provide hours of fun for everyone involved.

Corporate Team Building
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FREE Pricing Catalog

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Get our FREE pricing catalog & see why other organizations see our employee engagement program as a good overall investment. 

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