Navigating the Insurance Industry

Insurance navigation and assistance assists employees in better understanding their dental, vision, and healthcare coverage by answering queries such as:

  • Plan deductibles and copays
  • Explicitly explaining and validating difficult bills based on given services
  • Their health plan’s covered providers, services, and facilities
  • Finding and utilizing auxiliary benefits
  • Annual participation and expense allocations for FSA and HSA

Furthermore, a successful corporate wellness program should include bill lobbying, assisting patients in:

  • Verify the accuracy of huge and complex bills
  • Insurance claims must be submitted.
  • Make a claim appeal.

Healthcare navigation services assist beneficiaries and consumers in understanding health insurance coverage. They put in a lot of effort to mediate between insurers, businesses, and employees, ensuring that employees understand their plans and have the best insurance for their needs.

A wellness program strives to improve and promote the health and fitness of individuals who participate in it. It is offered by health insurance companies as a way to cut costs on their end by assisting in the prevention of chronic illnesses and other health-related difficulties, hence lowering health insurance costs.

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Eden Health Team, (April 12, 2021, The Importance of Corporate Wellness Programs)

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