Top 15 Tips for Better Sleep (A must-have for graveyard shift workers)

Lack of sleep cannot just affect your physical health but your mental and emotional too. Sleep deprivation can affect your mood and cognitive functions as much as it can lead to having type 2 diabetes.

What can you do to avoid these complications and get a better sleep?

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1. Turn off all your screens at least 60 minutes before bedtime

Read paper books before bedtime instead

2. Get enough sunshine

Put yourself under the sunlight, enough for you to get vitamin D.

3. Caffeine Cycling

Only, use caffeine as a boost, not a crutch.

4. Stay cool

Thermal regulation heavily influences your sleep. You will be able to sleep faster.

5. Take a warm bath from 1-2 hours before sleeping

Your core body temperature will increase from the bath, it will fall slightly lower once it’s time for sleep.

6. Sleep at the right time

Going to sleep at the right time is like investing in the stock market at the right time. It’s not just how many hours of sleep you get but what time you get to bed.

7. Do not work in your bedroom

Your brain associates activities with certain places. Familiarize your brain to your bedroom as a place of sleep only.

8. Use a humidifier

Use an air ionizer or humidifier in the cold months.

9. Listen to nature

Listening to natural earth sound relaxes your mind and body.

10. Sleeping in the dark

Your skin has receptors that pick up light. Make your bedroom into a nice cozy sleep cave to get the best sleep.

11. Workout in the morning

Studies show it is ideal to get the best sleep at night when you work out in the morning. But if you have less time preparation in the morning, then you should try 10-minute workouts to keep you moving.

12. Drink water after consuming alcoholic beverages

Dehydration from drinking alcohol causes nausea and symptoms of a hangover, drinking water will make you feel like a genius without a hangover.

13. Drinking Chamomile

Chamomile is an effective sleep aid.

14. Go for a weekly massage

Research shows that massages lead to progressive muscle relaxation.

15. Wearing pajamas to sleep

Being in PJ’s triggers your mind to relax and wind down.

There is not one facet of your mental, emotional, or physical performance that’s not affected by the quality of your sleep. So keep a sound sleep every night for a better life and well-being.


Stevenson, S., & Gottfried, S. (2016). Sleep smarter. Hay House Uk Ltd.

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