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Utilize our well-being webinars in the Philippines to strengthen your HR department’s strategies to engage employees.

Wide Range of Webinar topics

For just the price of one package, we cover a wide range of topics for your team: 

Healthy Meal Prep Ideas removebg | Charles Janoah

Healthy meal prep ideas

to increase your energy throughout the day

Habit Mindset Motivation removebg | Charles Janoah

Habit, mindset, & motivation

to change your life.

Work From Home Ergonomics removebg | Charles Janoah

Work from home ergonomics

for max comfort, safety, & productivity.

Dealing with Burnout removebg | Charles Janoah

Dealing with burnout

with proper lifestyle changes

Stress Management removebg | Charles Janoah

Stress management

not stress elimination

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching removebg | Charles Janoah

Holistic Lifestyle coaching

Nutrition, detoxification, sleep, & many more!

Financial Health removebg | Charles Janoah

Financial health

the start to a healthy lifestyle.

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What our clients say

"Very easy to deal with. This is a way to engage people, despite the distance of the pandemic & the restrictions. There's also the benefit of dealing with fewer sick leaves all throughout the year: that's the bottom line, anyway."
Jodie Villanueva 2 | Charles Janoah
Jodie Villanueva
HR & Admin. Manager of BSV Bioscience, Philippines
"With HoliFit, everything is so smooth, less hassle. The coaches are nice, the classes are good & consistent, & the employees are happy. HoliFit is a good choice; you'll never regret working with them."
Yna Infinit O 3 | Charles Janoah
HR Specialist of Infinit-O
Be our next success story?
iconmonstr user 5 240 | Charles Janoah
Your company

Ready to level up your organization?

Imagine having your whole team happier, more productive, & more confident to execute on your organization’s objectives, while decreasing stress, sick days, attrition, & health insurance costs.

In fact, past clients have reported 33% savings in just a few months of working with us! Book a time with us below to find out how our process works & how we can tailor it with your organization to remain competitive in the current landscape.


Got questions?

Yes, it could be cheaper to deal with them directly but we can provide events for the whole year based on timely events like mother’s day, mental health awareness month, and other resource speakers that are experts in their field, not just fitness coaches.

This actually saves you more time and money. Think of us as part of your HR/employee engagement team. We plot out timely events that work best based on our experience in this field.

Yes, you can do that. Just remember, you get what you pay for. You can have all you can eat sushi versus a real Japanese restaurant. You don’t get the same sushi. If what we have is not in your budget, we suggest finding another option.

Our prices reflect the quality of work you can expect. We are one of the best in our field for good reason. If you want to invest in your company, then work with us.

If you choose free videos to do with your staff, you don’t get the same customization or level of engagement that is customized for your organization.

We’ve already done that for you so you have to work, worry, and stress less. Yes, you can do that yourself but that will take a lot of leg work. We have the same caliber coaches if not, the same coaches from the studios you may be thinking of. Why? Because they don’t have an exclusivity agreement. Most coaches work for multiple companies.

We can assist requests on cancelling a class. However, it should not be less than 72 hours. Otherwise, class will be considered paid because the coach has to block their time off.

Yes, quick tech runs are highly encouraged. Both parties just need to agree on a date & time ideally on a separate day.

Yes, of course. But if there is no advice received, class will automatically default to Beginner’s or Basic level.

Yes, most of our classes require little to no fitness equipment. Unless otherwise, the client has requested it.

Usual items to prepare : water, towel, chair with back but no arm rest and without wheels to avoid unnecessary movements (chair yoga), yoga mat or rolled towel or blanket (yoga class) And obviously bring good vibes and get ready to have fun 🙂

Please make sure to wear comfortable, flexible clothes and shoes (except for yoga class where shoes are not needed).

Yes, but we encourage the participants to turn their cameras on during a class or talk to have better engagement with the coach/speaker. That way, our coach can also check if the participants are doing the exercises correctly.

Yes, we allow recording of activity except a few of our classes that are strictly not allowed by some brands (ex: Zumba class).

We can use either the client’s account or Holifit’s (which can accommodate up to 100 pax). But ours would depend if it’s being used for another class.

So far we have no major issues with Zoom. Though we can use other online platforms, Zoom is our preferred choice.

Yes, everybody can join a class but participant/s with a medical condition should secure a Medical clearance from their doctor first. During class, please take more frequent breaks and pace yourself. Remember, you know your body more than anybody else.

Your choice

You could keep everything as is – because change isn’t easy right? But the current working landscape is changing: if you don’t take responsibility for your team & your top performers, don’t be surprised when they just get up & leave, and you will have to go through the hamster wheel of actively replacing, hiring, & onboarding talent again, only to repeat the cycle in a few years.

Or, you could decide that’s not the life you want. 

You could get off the hamster wheel & move towards keeping your team happy, productive, & staying longer in your organization.

Start with a no-pressure initial consultation.

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FREE pricing catalog

Get our FREE pricing catalog & see why other organizations see our employee engagement program as a good overall investment. 

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