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Differently-Abled People In The Workplace

I am not afraid because I am differently abled.

Being in a company means encountering different kinds of people, and we’ll inevitably encounter differently-abled individuals.

Respect begets respect – this is no different in the workplace when interacting with people with disabilities. Understanding and treating such people the way we’d want to be treated should be part of every company’s culture.

There are six types of disabilities you may encounter in and outside the workplace, and educating oneself about these helps us be more sensitive and allows companies to function more effectively.

Knowing more about the different types of disabilities will make you more comfortable with different types of people. Make it easier for them to feel that they are welcome!

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Visually Impaired

This refers to individuals who are blind or have limited vision. When speaking with them, introduce yourself and the group you are with. Take them around the workplace so they can adapt to their surroundings and describe any changes to the setting, such as building renovations, new stairs, etc.

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Exercises for visually impaired individuals

Strength training

Lifting weights, climbing the stairs, use of resistance bands, push-ups, pull-ups, etc. (with assistance or guidance)

Yoga And Pilates

Yoga and pilates improve balance and proprioception using only one’s weight or little external load. Additionally, barefoot training is a fantastic way for people who rely on their foot receptors to develop their balance.

The benefits of these exercises include: Confidence, self-esteem, coordination, proprioception, body composition, and cardiovascular health.

Hearing Impaired

Individuals with this impairment use a variety of tactics, including speech, writing notes, hearing aids, sign languages, and lip-reading. Hearing impairments can vary in degree from minor to profound.

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Exercises for hard-of-hearing individuals

Physical activity for people with this impairment is not as challenging as we may expect. They can engage in any exercise, including swimming, strength training, cardiovascular endurance, etc.


Conditions related to mental health must also be recognized and is just as important to be educated on. These include, but are not limited to:

1. Bipolar disorder
2. Schizophrenia
3. Anxiety
4. Depression
5. Personality disorders

These are among the most common mental and neurological illnesses impacting a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Such people may have trouble concentrating and need additional help in certain situations. Giving out more appropriate tasks can be an effective way of working with people with mental illnesses.

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Exercises for this condition

Yoga cycling and running

This will improve their condition by decreasing their stress, anxiety, and depression levels. It also enhances their ability to concentrate and manage their thoughts.


People with intellectual disabilities may encounter difficulties interacting with co-workers, practicing self-care, their overall social skills, and health and self-direction issues.

We must be patient when dealing with such people in our organization. Similar to those with mental health-related conditions, individuals with a mental disability must only be given appropriate tasks.

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Exercises for this condition

Strength training
Aerobic activity
Stretching exercises
Balance training

With this condition, it will benefit them in concentrating on what they need to do better, encourage them to build confidence in their social abilities, and help them communicate with others.


Autism has an impact on how the brain processes information and stores it. Typically, people with this condition struggle with social relationships, verbal and nonverbal communication, and other skills. Sensory sensitivities, or excessive or inadequate sensitivity to sight, touch, taste, smell, sound, temperature, or pain, are common in people with autism spectrum disorders.

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Exercises for individuals with autism

Grab ball complex (GBC)
ball tap complex (BTC)
hurdle step-overs
medicine ball
resistance band

The said exercises would improve their balance, coordination, grip strength, mental performance, and muscle endurance with the help of these workouts.


Physical disabilities commonly affect a person’s mobility, agility, or stamina. Physically disabled people are typically experts in their own needs and are aware of the effects of their impairment.

People endure a wide range of situations, including diverse kinds of disabilities. The impairment could be either temporary or permanent. It might occur with birth or develop through time. It’s just as likely for people with the same condition to have different abilities as others.

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Exercises for this condition

With a wide variety of these conditions, they may seek a professional doctor and trainer to discuss the physical activities their condition can perform. It will all depend on their capabilities.

Tips on how to help individuals with these types of conditions

Provide more time and flexibility for training and work orientation, make sure the workplace well-being is fully briefed, and teach how to greet and assist people like them. Be mindful of your actions to avoid any misunderstanding.

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FREE Pricing Catalog

Get our FREE pricing catalog & see why other organizations see our employee engagement program as a good overall investment. 

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Get our FREE pricing catalog & see why other organizations see our employee engagement program as a good overall investment. 

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