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Emergency Preparedness In The Workplace: Your How To Guide

Emergency Preparedness

Have you recently encountered accidents in your workplace? Do you and your co-workers know what to do during an emergency?

While this isn’t something we think of daily, workplace accidents are real and can affect you. In fact, the Philippines has a high rate of workplace accidents, with a total of 4,595 recorded in 2017 – a 3.2% increase from the previous year!

Workplace safety is a significant concern for businesses and employees alike. Any business needs to implement workplace wellness programs that can help reduce accidents, improve employee morale, and boost productivity.

Your employees are your most valuable asset, and keeping them safe should be your top priority. A well-designed emergency preparedness plan can help you protect your employees and your business in an emergency. Better safe than sorry.

As we celebrate National Health Emergency Preparedness Day this December 9, we’d like to promote health emergency preparedness among Filipinos.

Why Is Emergency Preparedness in the Workplace Important?

Emergency Preparedness

Common Types of Emergencies to Have Emergency Preparedness

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Emergency preparedness in the workplace allows us to take control of a situation. Here are a few ways you can boost emergency preparedness in your workplace:

Have an evacuation plan for Emergency Preparedness

Familiarity with exit routes out of your building is critical. Know where the emergency evacuation routes and marked emergency exits are located in your office building since these exits may differ from how you usually enter the building.

Note that some coworkers may need extra help and consider this when discussing emergency evacuation.

Be familiar with tools that can help you in an emergency || Emergency Preparedness

#1 Use social media effectively

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Be aware that organizations such as FEMA and the CDC often use social media to relay important information during emergencies.

#2 Take Note of Fire extinguishers

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Know if the office has installed fire extinguishers and where they are located in case of a fire. Watch a video of how to use a fire extinguisher correctly.

#3 Shut-Off Valves For Gas And Water

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Know where the water and gas shut-off valves are located, learn how to turn them off, and ensure they are tagged or marked.

Know who is responsible for shutting them off in an emergency and where a wrench is located in case you or a coworker needs to shut them off.

Coordinate with others

Always involve others in your emergency plan. Discuss this with your coworkers, neighbors, friends, and family members.

#1 Have An Emergency Phone Number List

This can be in a small notebook or an index card where you have the emergency phone numbers of your family and friends listed down. This can be placed at your desk to keep you connected should your mobile phone lose power.

#2 Use Social Media for Help

Social media is a powerful tool we’re lucky to have in this day and age. Survivors of natural disasters have repeatedly used social media to seek help during natural disasters when 911 lines were busy.

Power outage essentials

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Power outages are common during natural disasters, and having the following items will be of great help:

#1 Flashlight and batteries

Have a battery-operated flashlight with an FM radio at your desk. Also, include extra batteries.

#2 Phone Charger

Have a battery-operated power bank to charge your mobile phone.

#3 Emergency Cash

While carrying cash isn’t as common today with the rise of online banking, having cash on hand is vital during power outages. Keep some money hidden in your car or desk in a secure container to be safe.

First-Aid and Emergency Kits

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Creating a first-aid and emergency kit that will offer anti-bacterial accessories and items to heal minor injuries is a must.

Having a background in First aid/CPR will also be ideal. You may consider completing a first aid and CPR course for this.

Water, Non-Perishable Food, and Medications

Remember to keep some food and water in your office. Non-perishable food such as Unsalted nuts, granola bars, whole wheat crackers, peanut butter, and dried fruits are ideal as emergency food since these are packed with energy and can be stored for long periods.

If you take medication, always keep a few pills in a pill box in a temperature-safe location, such as your purse, bag, or jacket pocket.

Tool Kit and Hygiene

Be sure to have a basic tool kit and hygiene items on hand. These include the following:

Tool Kits

Tool kits allow for the construction of a new shelter (a tarp held up with nails), dismantling items (with a screwdriver), or added security (boarding up windows). There are mini tool kits that are less bulky than traditional ones.

Personal Hygiene Kits

Includes hand sanitizer gel, cleansing wet wipes, soap, toilet paper, and a toothbrush. Face masks allow for cleaner breathing should there be smoke or other pollutants.

Stay focused and calm

Stay calm

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Remember to breathe.

Think logically

See the situation for what it is and avoid exaggerations.

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